Bloggy Book Tour: Day Eleven. Warm and Cozy

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179746_556533021052508_1273102095_nToday, because it’s a dreary April day in New York and we don’t have enough warm cozy thoughts already circling our heads, we’re going to talk about the fact that my book is visiting Lisa Jordan right this very minute. Today is the opposite of dreary in every way because: felted stones. Because: hand-dyed thread. Because: intricate stitching covering wool cocoons. Because Lisa Jordan gathers materials like acorns and stones and sticks along open shorelines and deep walks in her Minnesota woods, wraps them in a earthy palate of local hand-dyed wool, felts them, and then embroiders them into rich, tranquil nature-inspired scenes. Her blog Lil Fish Studios chronicles her work that is deeply influenced by the tiny overlooked details of nature—odd lumpy bits of moss, the colors of mushrooms, the texture of bark and leaves and stone. All the while stitching on stones, she raises four kids and hatches guinea hens and ducks and chickens in central Minnesota. Check out her blog where you’ll find detailed tutorials for felting stones, building small birch bark canoes, making acorn mushrooms, and sewing pocketed placemats. You can find Lisa’s wool acorns, embellished felted stones, mini landscaped brooches, tiny necklaces, and wearable hand carved vases in her online SHOP and also at Art-o-Mats scattered throughout the United States. And read her take on my book right HERE.

Oh, and just ONE day left to win a FREE copy of my book HERE or HERE. Don’t miss your chance!

Warm, cozy felted stone photo courtesy of Lisa Jordan at Lil Fish Studio.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Ten. Big Smallish Things.

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weekend-9-e1396887711811Starting this week off with a KAPOW! as my book heads down to Candler, North Carolina to visit my friend Ashley English. I honestly don’t know how she’s had had time for me this week, since her book “Handmade Gatherings” (Roost) launched just last week. In addition to her blog Small Measure, Ashley is also the author of the “Homemade Living” (Lark) book series, as well as “A Year of Pies” (Lark)—all highlighting a variety of topics related to small-scale homesteading and environmentally sensible lifestyle choices. Check out Small Measure where she chronicles her homesteading adventures including bee- and chicken-keeping, canning and preserving, and parenting small people in remote western North Carolina. From basic pie dough to cardamom apple butter, late-summer pickles, goat cheese basil frittata, homemade sunburn soothers and wildflower risotto—Ashley provides all the practical, hold-your-hand basics of the important smallish things in life. Find everything right HERE.

And, just a few days left to win a FREE copy of my book HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE. Don’t miss your chance!

Remote, poetic awe-inspiring photo courtesy of Ashley English.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Nine. Inspiration.

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6a00e54fc19bef883301a3fcc0921c970bToday my book has trekked northward to Ontario for a quick visit with my friend Margie, rural family physician and textile artist extraordinaire. For quite some time I’ve been completely mesmerized by her breathtaking crocheted creations—so beautifully documented on her blog Resurrection Fern. Her nature-inspired work is a melding of fractal patterns and repurposed soft vintage threads all carefully worked with crochet hooks to cover earth worn stones and wood and other natural found objects. Lichen, leaves, webs, frost patterns—all are magically woven into intricate lacy designs—patterns guided by the color, texture and shape of nature. And she has so many other talents. You would not believe it. She is lucky that I live 510 miles away. It is next to impossible to keep me from stalking her. My book is with her today. You can visit right HERE.

And, Tinkerlab has taken things a step further and transforms a wool sweater into a funky felted flower—a project inspired by Chapter 10 of “This Book Was a Tree”—check it out right HERE.

Want to win a FREE copy of my book for a friend? Just visit HERE, HERE, HERE and/or HERE!

Enlivening crafty crochet photo courtesy of Margie at Resurrection Fern.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Eight. Tinkerlab!

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sweater-cuttingI am designating TODAY the Official Return of Spring here in New York since I no longer have to fire up the wood stove to thaw my frosty toes. Phew! That winter was memorable with monumental snow dumps piling on top of other crusty colossal snow dumps. And it lingered and was filled with a handful of snow days and igloos and hot cocoa and warm, creamy carb-y foods. The days were incontrovertibly long, and if there were ever a sight that could lift you from your winter drudgery, it would be that gorgeous play-focused spread of projects on Rachelle Doorley’s Tinkerlab blog. Filled with hands-on projects that facilitate questions, conversations, and all-around messiness and tinkering, her stuff is just dreamy. Tinkerlab falls into the all too thin category of Inspiring Blogs for Creative Crafty Kids. It’s the perfect thing to knock the ice off your boots and get you exploring your roots. On a tricky day, Rachelle’s blog has your back. And today you can read her take on my book right HERE plus she has a BOOK GIVEAWAY of a SIGNED COPY! Whoa! And tomorrow…. Rachelle will surprise us with a project from my BOOK. And, you’ll be extra excited to hear that Rachelle’s book “Tinkerlab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Innovators” (Roost) will be released in just a few months.

But why end there when you could take it a step further and check out actual book-y projects at Sara Bakes Cakes?!? Sara makes Cackleberry Sprouts, and…. you can double your chances of winning a book copy with Sara’s GIVEAWAY!

And, lookee HERE! This Book Was a Tree is popping up all over the place!

There are so many other things I wanted to tell you. We could sit and talk for hours and hours about these very important things, but in the end it is the final words that linger on. And they are this: don’t forget about ME.

Crafty felting photo courtesy of Rachelle Doorley.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Seven. Whoopie!

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016In my online fantasy world, I’d cover everything on this blog—loads of hands-on get-dirty projects, gobs of expeditions to local kid-friendly hangouts, endless recipes involving granola and fruity bits (and heavy cream…), a zillion questions you hadn’t even thought of to ask yet. This is exactly what my friend Sheri Silver does on Donuts, Dresses and Dirt—a blog that is an essential part of my daily intake. Today is my book’s lucky day. It’s visiting Sheri’s blog—gobbling up her handmade heart-shaped APPLE PEEL “TWIGS” and HEART-SHAPED WHOOOPIE PIES and visiting THIS place and THIS place! And, guess what? She is giving away TWO of my BOOKS! Just stop by right HERE and check in!

Mouthwatering Whoopie Pie photo courtesy of Sheri Silver.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Six. Mmmmmm.

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2305960907_9fdecefd86It is my firm belief that routine helpings of reasonably decadent desserts are the key to general success in life. In fact, it’s not my best quality, but I have a hard time getting through my day morning writing and sketching without some sort of sweet something vanishing in front of me. Today and tomorrow are no different for me. And, as I am not especially fond of spending excessive amounts of time in my kitchen (as my kitchen has just one single drawer in it), I am so very lucky to have met a greathearted local friend like Sara Schneider. Not only is she wise and resourceful beyond her years, she is also an extraordinary baker. If I were to sum up her baking talents (which I won’t because it would take too long, and I’m likely to drool), my synopsis would include a series of mouthwatering photographs such as THIS, THIS and THIS, with sugary, creamy, buttery thoughts of uber-moist goodness topped with pure artistry and slivers and splashes of colors—all remarkably captured by her oh-so-talented photographer husband Doug Schneider. Sara is pure amazingness. And, in just a few days, MY BOOK will visit with her. (Have fun, Book! And don’t forget where you came from!) Why am I telling you this? So I can lure you into to checking out the Sara Bakes Cakes scene right HERE and you can drool from now until Thursday. Update: HERE is the One and Only Sara making cackleberry sprouts with her kids–a project right from Chapter 5.

Have fun! And, don’t forget: there’s still time to enter my BOOK GIVEAWAY right HERE!

Mouthwatering cupcake photo courtesy of Doug Schneider Photography.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Five

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Well, booky things are in full swing! Today my book has trekked all the way down to Rebecca Sower’s hobby farm in rural Tennessee. Check out Rebecca’s take on the book right HERE (plus the most adorable photos of her newly-hatched downy spring chicks), and visit her awe-inspiring Etsy shop as well—chock full of handmade and vintage goodness—funky journals, artisan aprons, jewelry, collage paintings—you will find it all HERE.

Since the book launch last Tuesday, I’ve had lively events HERE and HERE. And, somehow I finagled sharing the stage yesterday with noteworthy authors Jenny Rosenstrach, Karen Engelmann, Veera Hiranandani, and Patty Chang Anker right HERE before an enthusiastic sold-out crowd. Phew! This week, I’ll be making a very important pit stop HERE to make SEEDBOMBS with a handful of very important smallish friends of mine, and then will be heading to Pennsylvania for a BIG BOOK BASH. If you’re in the New Hope, PA area this weekend, stop by and see me! I’d love to share my book excitement with you in person. I’ll be at Artisans Gallery in Peddler’s Village on Sunday from 1 to 3. Not only will I sign books while there, but I (with my small nimble assistants) will magically transform wool sweaters into funky felted flowers right before your eyes. Viola! Hope to see you there!

Oh, geez! I almost forgot to tell you! A new artist friend of mine is hosting a GIVEAWAY of my book on her beautiful blog. There is still time to enter, but you better hurry up! Visit it HERE.

And, you can double your book-winning chances right HERE.

Cute chick image above courtesy of Rebecca Sower.

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Four

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IMG_5484Oooo! Day FOUR of the Bloggy Book Tour! Today my book has ventured from Georgia to Upstate New York where Maya Donenfeld of Maya Made has cracked it wide open—check out what’s inside right HERE! And look what I just discovered HERE on Eco News Network! And, I’ll stop writing now, since I don’t want to hold you up from entering THIS FREE GIVEAWAY of mine where you can win AMAZING stuff including a copy of MY BOOK! Here’s the booky link again just in case you missed it: RIGHT HERE!

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Three and a GIVEAWAY

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Book CoverWell, well. Here we are! Bloggy Tour Day Three! The book has made its way down to Georgia where Ellen Luckett Baker’s blog The Long Thread is chock full of sewing tutorials and crafty ideas. I’m especially excited about this since one of her amazing BOOKS is my go-to guide to funky sewing projects. You can find her review of my book right HERE. And, look what I found on NY Metro Parents today: THIS! Very exciting. And on Inhabitots, lookee HERE! And I know for certain YOU are out there spreading the word, since Amazon book sales have skyrocketed this week to the top 1% of Amazon book listings. Holy moly! But, why so quiet? Don’t you want me to know you’re here? I’m not so scary, really.

And so, I invite you to join me. You may secretly think you don’t have much to offer, but you do. Write to me. I want to hear from you. And I will make you a deal. You see, we had this smallish party the other night at THIS PLACE to celebrate the book’s BIRTHDAY, and at that party each guest walked away with one of my BOOKS and a PLANTABLE BOOKMARK made by my friend Jamie—upcycled paper embedded with a mix of organic wildflower seeds. And guess what? I have five extra bookmarks and ONE BOOK looking for good homes—just itching to be put to good use in warm weather. But here’s the catch—you need to write a simple comment below this post about how you cannot contain your excitement about doing a dirty project in my BOOK. That’s all. By the way, if you are already convinced that you won’t win this GIVEAWAY, you can go directly HERE right now to purchase one. Still, it would be nice to hear from you.

You have just TWO WEEKS to enter. And on Friday, April 18th I’ll randomly select SIX lucky winners from the bunch. Good luck! And, from now on, don’t be so quiet. I know you’re out there rooting for me.

Congratulations to Mossy reader Mary Yockey for winning the big giveaway–a free signed copy of “This Book Was a Tree”–And congrats to 5 other readers for winning handmade plantable bookmarks: Sarah, Meg, Vasia, Shannon, and Leigh! I will contact you ASAP and send them off right away!

Bloggy Book Tour: Day Two

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This-Book-Was-A-Tree-springHello there! Welcome to the second day of the tour! Today Micaela of Mindful Momma has cracked the book open and jumped right into the middle of Chapter 4, Spend Time Wisely—in this chapter you practice being present. Chapter 4 reminds you that, in today’s fast-paced world, we’re not letting things sink in. We’re disconnected from nature and its careful pace, and are out of sync with our selves. Chapter 4 helps you rest your brain and slow down enough to feel the moment of NOW. Check out Micaela’s incredibly resourceful site–on living thoughtfully, with the Earth in mind–and her take on my book right HERE.