Bloggy Book Tour: Day Eight. Tinkerlab!

April 10th, 2014 § 0 comments

sweater-cuttingI am designating TODAY the Official Return of Spring here in New York since I no longer have to fire up the wood stove to thaw my frosty toes. Phew! That winter was memorable with monumental snow dumps piling on top of other crusty colossal snow dumps. And it lingered and was filled with a handful of snow days and igloos and hot cocoa and warm, creamy carb-y foods. The days were incontrovertibly long, and if there were ever a sight that could lift you from your winter drudgery, it would be that gorgeous play-focused spread of projects on Rachelle Doorley’s Tinkerlab blog. Filled with hands-on projects that facilitate questions, conversations, and all-around messiness and tinkering, her stuff is just dreamy. Tinkerlab falls into the all too thin category of Inspiring Blogs for Creative Crafty Kids. It’s the perfect thing to knock the ice off your boots and get you exploring your roots. On a tricky day, Rachelle’s blog has your back. And today you can read her take on my book right HERE plus she has a BOOK GIVEAWAY of a SIGNED COPY! Whoa! And tomorrow…. Rachelle will surprise us with a project from my BOOK. And, you’ll be extra excited to hear that Rachelle’s book “Tinkerlab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Innovators” (Roost) will be released in just a few months.

But why end there when you could take it a step further and check out actual book-y projects at Sara Bakes Cakes?!? Sara makes Cackleberry Sprouts, and…. you can double your chances of winning a book copy with Sara’s GIVEAWAY!

And, lookee HERE! This Book Was a Tree is popping up all over the place!

There are so many other things I wanted to tell you. We could sit and talk for hours and hours about these very important things, but in the end it is the final words that linger on. And they are this: don’t forget about ME.

Crafty felting photo courtesy of Rachelle Doorley.

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