Bloggy Book Tour: Day Eleven. Warm and Cozy

April 15th, 2014 § 0 comments

179746_556533021052508_1273102095_nToday, because it’s a dreary April day in New York and we don’t have enough warm cozy thoughts already circling our heads, we’re going to talk about the fact that my book is visiting Lisa Jordan right this very minute. Today is the opposite of dreary in every way because: felted stones. Because: hand-dyed thread. Because: intricate stitching covering wool cocoons. Because Lisa Jordan gathers materials like acorns and stones and sticks along open shorelines and deep walks in her Minnesota woods, wraps them in a earthy palate of local hand-dyed wool, felts them, and then embroiders them into rich, tranquil nature-inspired scenes. Her blog Lil Fish Studios chronicles her work that is deeply influenced by the tiny overlooked details of nature—odd lumpy bits of moss, the colors of mushrooms, the texture of bark and leaves and stone. All the while stitching on stones, she raises four kids and hatches guinea hens and ducks and chickens in central Minnesota. Check out her blog where you’ll find detailed tutorials for felting stones, building small birch bark canoes, making acorn mushrooms, and sewing pocketed placemats. You can find Lisa’s wool acorns, embellished felted stones, mini landscaped brooches, tiny necklaces, and wearable hand carved vases in her online SHOP and also at Art-o-Mats scattered throughout the United States. And read her take on my book right HERE.

Oh, and just ONE day left to win a FREE copy of my book HERE or HERE. Don’t miss your chance!

Warm, cozy felted stone photo courtesy of Lisa Jordan at Lil Fish Studio.

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