Bloggy Book Tour: Day Three and a GIVEAWAY

April 3rd, 2014 § 18 comments

Book CoverWell, well. Here we are! Bloggy Tour Day Three! The book has made its way down to Georgia where Ellen Luckett Baker’s blog The Long Thread is chock full of sewing tutorials and crafty ideas. I’m especially excited about this since one of her amazing BOOKS is my go-to guide to funky sewing projects. You can find her review of my book right HERE. And, look what I found on NY Metro Parents today: THIS! Very exciting. And on Inhabitots, lookee HERE! And I know for certain YOU are out there spreading the word, since Amazon book sales have skyrocketed this week to the top 1% of Amazon book listings. Holy moly! But, why so quiet? Don’t you want me to know you’re here? I’m not so scary, really.

And so, I invite you to join me. You may secretly think you don’t have much to offer, but you do. Write to me. I want to hear from you. And I will make you a deal. You see, we had this smallish party the other night at THIS PLACE to celebrate the book’s BIRTHDAY, and at that party each guest walked away with one of my BOOKS and a PLANTABLE BOOKMARK made by my friend Jamie—upcycled paper embedded with a mix of organic wildflower seeds. And guess what? I have five extra bookmarks and ONE BOOK looking for good homes—just itching to be put to good use in warm weather. But here’s the catch—you need to write a simple comment below this post about how you cannot contain your excitement about doing a dirty project in my BOOK. That’s all. By the way, if you are already convinced that you won’t win this GIVEAWAY, you can go directly HERE right now to purchase one. Still, it would be nice to hear from you.

You have just TWO WEEKS to enter. And on Friday, April 18th I’ll randomly select SIX lucky winners from the bunch. Good luck! And, from now on, don’t be so quiet. I know you’re out there rooting for me.

Congratulations to Mossy reader Mary Yockey for winning the big giveaway–a free signed copy of “This Book Was a Tree”–And congrats to 5 other readers for winning handmade plantable bookmarks: Sarah, Meg, Vasia, Shannon, and Leigh! I will contact you ASAP and send them off right away!

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