Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2014 § 0 comments

Seed Bomb SeedlingsIt’s a stunning Earth Day here in New York! Today my book is visiting Here, There and Everywhere where Claudia Heitler is giving away not one but TWO signed copies of “This Book Was a Tree!” Politics, economics, health, science—HTE is the place to go for global news for kids—spanning diverse fields and subjects, HTE addresses current issues in bite-sized pieces for smallish people. Check out Claudia’s site HERE where you’ll find her take on making seed bombs (and enter the GIVEAWAY!).

Tonight I’ll celebrate Earth Day HERE. I would love to see you, but if you are far far away, please celebrate in your own special way. And remember this: Each day, what you do matters. A big ruckus can be generated from a simple purposeful act—a little thing, like scattering small seeds—made by someone just like you. An idea or behavior can move through the world like tow tapping at a scat-singing convention, starting with just a few pit-a-pats of an idea, and spreading rapidly out of control. Each of us is capable of thoughtful direct actions, and we usually greatly underestimate our abilities. We all have something to say. We all have feet to move. We all can give something of ourselves. We all have seeds to scatter. That’s how great rolling prairies of ideas are grown.

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