Into The Wild

March 18th, 2014 § 1 comment

2HawkeyexDear Reader,

It’s been so very quiet here. But, not so very quiet in my real life. In fact, things are completely chaotic—not in an untamed neglected sort of way like a mid-winter attic or garage—but in an intense, stormy sort of way like choppy turbulent seas before a storm. In exactly two weeks, my hand-reared book will be released into the wild—an operation that is not without risks. My intention right now is to get it fit enough to be liberated with the best chance of survival.

The key thing to raising a healthy happy book is to understand the skills it needs to survive in the wild, and then try to impart those skills to the book before setting it free. Even getting this right is pointless if its habitat is too small or if there is some kind of book poaching going on. There is no point in releasing a book if someone is going to come and destroy it a few days later. That’s no fun.

It is hard to say, really, how my book will do. I think it has a reasonable chance though. I’ve been told by some that it’s “striking” and “elegant”—and it has gotten good reviews so far (more on those later this week). And the alternative of a life in captivity would be far worse. It’s been said that once a book gets used to captivity it’s very hard to re-release it because it won’t learn to hunt and survive. This is a wild book. There is no point in keeping it locked up.

Behind the work and care of every human involved in hand-rearing a book, there must be public support prior to the release date. And here is where I need your help. Without you, these last ditch efforts to save an entire species or subspecies of books is not possible. Click HERE to help.

The plight of my book is not the only story of its kind. Over and over again the same conclusion is reached: Captive breeding and reintroduction programs cannot succeed without long-term wild habitat preservation and protection. It was not too long ago that books were distributed to libraries and bookstores around the world, and many more roamed the prairies in large numbers. Sadly, they were hunted to near extinction in the wild at the turn of the century. Since then, in the hopes that population numbers will increase, captive breeding programs have sprung up.

After the book is RELEASED on April 1st, don’t hesitate to visit the book up-close in its natural habitat—nestled between other happy book species on the bookshelves of your local independent bookstore.

Thank you for your support,


P.S. If you opt to pre-order the book on Amazon, please join my campaign to replace the suggestion of purchasing “Hot Huez Hair Chalk” along with my book (which is the funny result of my friend Jenny’s nice mention of both my book and Hot Hues in the same great Friday blog roundup HERE). While purchasing my book, please do this: Spend a tiny bit extra (a mere 22 cents!) and instead purchase THIS along with MY BOOK. Send me a quick email that you’ve done this for me, and I’ll mail you a little handmade gift in return!


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