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When I’m not working right HERE, or eating THIS, I can be found branching out doing other fun stuff that can be found right at your fingertips HERE. My original pen-and-ink illustrations—notecard sets, smallish prints, and even the gargantuan poster-sized ones—are now available on my Etsy site.

My old-school pen-and-ink drawings evolve from intense observation of found objects, experimentation of scale, and nuanced use of crosshatching and mixed ink techniques. I address every project with uncompromising attention to detail. Each illustration is my original work, then printed by me in-house, and then packaged and shipped by me—straight from New York to your doorstep. Below is a smattering of what you might find on Etsy. Head HERE for even more fun stuff.


Where I Am

September 5th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

Tool - Garden 2 – Version 2Come on in! Shop’s open! My pen-and-ink work is now available online! My old-school illustrations reflect my love of the outdoors and the genius of everyday things. Everything I make is printed and packaged by me in my New York studio and then shipped to you from our little town post office via USPS First Class and Priority Mail. I am more than happy to ship outside the U.S. And, all local folks can also find my work HERE at the Stone Barns Shop, which is at the tippy top of my list of all-time favorite hangout spots when I am not busy working with green things and smallish people HERE.


Come take a peek. Everything I make is crafted with extreme care by my own hands.


Click HERE to see the brand new shop.




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