I am prone to hiding sparkly scraps and bits away in cabinets and crevasses and corners—tiny morsels of futureday or of yesterday or the day before that.  I believe in finding usefulness in these little bits in small projects with my kids—exploring the beauty of everyday things and happenings—the messy, the comical, the unexpected.  Before this, for a long time, I ran around and did a bunch of stuff for other people.  I have lived as an organic lettuce farmer, a tropical rainforest field technician, an Alaskan tent-dwelling field biologist, and a Manhattan biology teacher.  Now I do other things.  Smaller, slower things.  Sometimes it’s the things you do while standing still that make up who you are.

And so, here I am.  Tending the nestlings before they fledge.   I am lucky to have them.


Hello, my name is Marcie and I am….

a mom.

a gardener.

a nature-lover.

a sewer and general fixer of fabric-y things.


My Upcoming Book

My book “This Book Was a Tree” (published through Perigee/Penguin Random House) will be out in April, 2014–an interactive, project-driven grownup book on exploring the natural world. However well intentioned, a small book like the one I’ve written cannot provide a recipe for how to live a life fully engaged in the natural world. However, I can only hope it will nudge you gently into purposeful action by helping you see the intrinsic value in nature. In it, you’ll be asked to go into the woods and into everyday life with purpose. To go beyond the surface of ordinary life–to get dirty, mess around with original ideas, look up and see the world from different perspectives, slow down and let things sink in, think like a scientist, and discover your inner rabble rouser.

And it includes over 150 of my pen and ink drawings.

You can preorder it RIGHT HERE. And, you should. It’s pretty good.


Where I Am

You can find my work, tutorials and writing syndicated on BlogHer and featured on Handmade Spark, Craft Gossip, Craft, Mindful Momma, Quirky MommaApartment TherapyHolamamaWhipup and other spots.


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